Tutili Place

The Developer

Dr. Mlamli Magqwaka has also been involved in assisting the Department of Human Settlements in the design of about 15 000 housing units. Hence Itakane Trading 71, under the stewardship of Dr. Mlamli Magqwaka boasts of being amongst a few select developer companies in the Western Cape that has in house knowledge and expertise of the whole building process, starting from planning to construction.

IT71 (PTY) LTD. (Property Developers), prides itself for its ability to run with a project (in house) from planning to its physical construction. In other words, the property development company does not only act as a developer, but also builds all that it designs under IT71. Although the company has operated under different names, to limit liability, all the projects shown in this profile were designed and built by the same people.

IT71 (PTY) LTD. (Property Developers) has to date successfully completed 5 projects, varying in size, in the Western Cape, a 39 unit housing development project at the Retreat Station, 4 middle to high-income houses in Big Bay and Parklands, and a 3 storey apartment block in Goodwood. The nature of the completed and current projects illustrate the quantity and quality of experience that the company has acquired over the years as it continues to grow from strength to strength. Another project that the company was involved in was the development of 56 housing units in Heathfield.